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The outdoor camp oven is equipped with a unique grill/ burner combo, making it easy to cook anything you want for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Clean up is a synch with the grills non-stick coating and removable wire rack over the burner. (Large surface area 30.5 cm x 53.3 cm). The outdoor camp oven feels and perform just like your home oven. The included thermometer and well insulated design ensure that no matter the weather you are left with perfectly backed muffins, cakes and casseroles.

Top Burners: 1,5Kw

Oven Burners: 1,0 Kw


(Internal Oven Dimensions: Height 22cm, Width 41 cm, Depth 27cm)

Body Dimensions: 540 x 300 x 460mm

Gross weight: 16,5Kg

Packaging weight: 18,5Kg

Packaging Dimensions: 640 x 408 x 556mm

We offer courier throughout SA


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