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URL LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PgmNxZaqcDU

Inspired by the 4,000-year-old tradition of Kamado-style cooking, the Everdure by Heston Blumenthal 4K Charcoal/Electric Outdoor Oven combines the convenience of contemporary technology with the benefits of this ancient cooking technique. 4K offers next-level control and convenience with electric charcoal ignition, touch-screen controls, precise airflow control and six temperature probes.

This Heston Blumenthal inspired outdoor oven is striking both inside and out. The 4K is a solid machine constructed from die-cast aluminium and thick gauge metal. The oven's outer body is complete with touch glass display and it is completely versatile. It can be used for smoking, roasting, direct grilling and even high heat baking, all of which will provide even cooking throughout.


Large outdoor oven with cool-to-the-touch exterior

Cooking ranges from low and slow (110°C) to intense (+400°C)

Can cook everything from brisket to steak and pizza

Double-walled insulated construction

Fast flame ignition system

Fully integrated meat and ambient probe system

Unique auto locking hood for extra safety

Features internal lighting

Unique airflow design for ultimate control

Super-efficient charcoal use (1kg coal = 9 hours cooking)

Reload charcoal or wood chips through the side hatch

Robust yet lightweight aluminium construction

Includes a high temperature pizza stone

Oven can be used on or off the stand

All data can be accessed via Bluetooth to the free app which is also packed full of hints, tips, recipes and alerts.


Cooking area: 46cm, Construction: aluminium, cooking grids: 1x stainless steel and 1x cast iron

IP rated: IPx4, Wattage: 1400W, Voltage: 240V


Height- 900 mm (Poles Up: 1223 mm)-Width -1387 mm Depth- 591 mm (Grills On)

Hood up dimensions: 147.4cm H x 85.3cm D x 55cm

Hood down dimensions: 115cm H x 70cm D x 55cm W

Finishing’s: heat and UV protected paint finish

Number of probes: 4 x meat probes and 2 x oven temperature probes

This product comes with 5-year conditional warranty

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