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R59,999.00 (Free delivery up to 60km from all major cities.)

The impressive power and braai capabilities of the HUB, now enhanced with additional automated touch controls and premium titanium finishing’s.

Multisensory Braai

See, smell and taste the open Braai experience with the integrated rotisserie and an open braai experience, all your senses are stimulated.

The Outdoor Entertainer

Be the show-stopper in your neighbourhood. The HUB™ is designed with larger gatherings in mind, where you can really show off your skills. Flames. Embers. Heat. People are really drawn to the authentic charcoal braai experience.

Safe & Easy Charcoal Reloading

Removable chrome grills with cool to touch chrome handles makes charcoal reloading simple and convenient.

One Touch Rotisserie Pole System

Built-in rotisserie system powered by a discrete motor, with multi-level manual height adjustment.

Fast Flame Ignition System™

Be ready to braai in 10 minutes thanks to the integrated one-touch, quick start charcoal ignition system.

Convenient, Built-in Storage

Includes a slide out shelf on telescopic runners that doubles as storage space and a warming area for food and plates.

General specifications:

Dimensions: Height- 900 mm (Poles Up: 1223 mm)-Width -1387 mm Depth- 591 mm (Grills On)


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