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Probably the most attractive wall-mounted bottle opener in the world. The strong magnet catches and holds up to 15 bottle caps! Sticks securely to the wall.

  • Fits in any place
  • Amazing bottle opener
  • Simple assembly
  • Durable material

JOHNNY CATCH MAGNET is mega attractive. No bottle cap can escape its pull. Whether beer, soda or tonic water. Whether in the bar, in the club or in the pub around the corner. JOHNNY CATCH MAGNET is always welcome. From a garden to a construction trailer, from Stilo kitchen to chaotic flat share, from ski hut to beach bar, from workshop to roof terrace. Or next to your fire basket with grill feature. Maybe even right on the fridge? Your guests will love JOHNNY CATCH MAGNET!

wall-mounted bottle opener with magnet, strong magnet: holds approx. 10-15 bottle caps

compact and slim, easy wall mounting without screws, chic gift packaging Dimensions: 13 × 4 × 3 cm

Weight: 0.1 kg, Material: brushed stainless steel

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