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Gimbal-mounted lantern, gravity holds candle upright, easy to light, safe and clean to extinguish

turn upside down: protects against leaves, water and dust

versatile: In a hanging position, upright on a pole or set in a base

Dimensions: 8 cm, 13 cm height, Weight: 0.6 kg

Material: bottom part: die-cast zinc, upper part: glass

What makes GRAVITY CANDLE unique?

GRAVITY CANDLE is a multifunctional lantern with a timeless and elegant design, which is surprisingly easy, clean and safe to light and put out. Use it standing up, hanging or on a pole, and place it wherever you want: on a table, balcony, patio, or in the garden. Turn it upside down to quickly and safely extinguish the candle and protect the inside from leaves, water and dust.


GRAVITY CANDLE accessories allow you to light up the atmosphere in any setting. The perfect option for any situation: an elegant hanging lantern, placed practically on a pole in the ground, or using a combination of pole and base. The latter transforms GRAVITY CANDLE into an atmospheric floor lamp! Take advantage of the full multifunctionality!

  • Gravity candle hanger
  • Gravity candle pole
  • Gravity candle base
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