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Corten steel – developing a living, unique rust patina

Hofats Triple Small, Medium, Large

Triple 65 - (small) Fire bowl

Triple 90 - (med) Fire bowl

Triple 120 - (large) Fire bowl

Please note: TRIPLE 65 cm is only available with TRIPLE grid 45 cm expandable

TRIPLE – a tribute to open fireplaces – the most original form of heat and cosiness.


Designed in edged clarity and made of massive Corten steel, the fire bowl series TRIPLE cultivates the archaic heat source through simple and thrilling functionality. With a few steps only, three identical segments – never the-less faceted in themselves – complete each other to form one solid, larger whole. Mobility and a resource-saving transport arise from its separability.


The adaptable cooking grate can be continuously adjusted in height and is rotatable. On its surface, a teapot, mulled wine or drillable find place. It can moreover be rotated inwards in order to cook a spicy stew.

optional accessories: TRIPLE Grid, TRIPLE table, TRIPLE Pole, TRIPLE Feet

Hofats Triple Table

TRIPLE table – space for a pot of tea, mulled wine or Braai food. You can also swivel the table inwards, lower it and cook fiery stews on top. Put it on the cooking grid pole or get an additional pole and mount the table separately.

shelf for Braai utensils or drinks, hot plate for pots and pans, height adjustable, swivels

 Dimensions: 35 cm, Weight: 2.20 kg, Material: brushed stainless steel.

The table can be put on the same pole as the cooking grate or placed on a separate pole. The continuous height adjustment offers endless possibilities.

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