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An accomplished form for open fires and BBQs. BOWL - the black hemisphere's simple and minimalist form fascinates and amazes with its unique versatility! Put the bowl horizontal for grilling, or at an angle if you want the cosy warmth of the open fire in one direction. It’s up to you! And you also have the flexibility to decide how high the fire should be. Use the wire stand to create a casual lounge atmosphere. The foldable tripod (accessory) puts BOWL at a convenient height for grilling or for standing around at parties. Bowl can be assembled and disassembled again in no time at all. Without any tools. You decide what, when and where: A spontaneous twist bread or sausage over the open fire? Juicy steaks, tender fish and delicious veg from the BBQ? Or simply chilling with a view of the flames? The hemisphere can be tilted to protect your fire from the wind and to radiate the warmth in a specific direction. And the next morning? You simply remove the ash bowl, it’s so easy to clean.

fire bowl and BBQ- tiltable hemisphere: windbreak & heat orientation, wire stand made of stainless steel, close to the ground, quick to assemble & disassemble without tools, can also be used with tripod (accessory) as high fire pit

easy to clean: removable brazier.

BOWL - Fire in its most accomplished form!  With stable wire stand for casual lounge evenings on the terrace or in the garden. Also, with foldable tripod (accessory) for high fire pit and BBQ. Dimensions:

exterior bowl: 57 cm, 25 cm height, outer wall about 1mm thick, BOWL on wire base: 35.5 cm height

Material: hemisphere, steel, enamelled, brazier, steel, enamelled wire base, stainless steel, massive,

Weight: 5.5 kg. What this multi-talent can do!

Use BOWL just the way you want - as a fire pit or BBQ! With the wire stand, BOWL is perfect for cosily sitting around an open fire, or for a casual BBQ with the grate, plancha or both! Want your fire a bit higher from time to time? Then get yourself the foldable tripod accessory! Thanks to three points of contact with the ground and the bowl itself, BOWL is always stable and secure.



The plancha plate makes grilling with charcoal or firewood healthier than ever before. There are no limits to your creativity.

enamelled cast iron, excellent heat storage

non-stick coating for low-fat frying & cooking

can be combined with cooking grid or second plancha 

1 plancha half ring

BOWL plancha – cooking on a cast iron surface heated by fire – an ancient tradition, all over the world, in a wide variety of cultures. The number of dishes that can be cooked or grilled on the hot plate is endless – your creativity knows no bounds. Dimensions: 57 x 28,5 x 1,5 cm, Material: enamelled cast iron, Weight: 4.30 kg



The cooking grid for BOWL provides a huge grill surface (dia. 57 cm) and can be used on both BOWL models

Two-part cooking grid, can be used individually, spacious grill area, can be combined with plancha.

BOWL grid – the two-part cooking grid provides you with a spacious grill area for BBQs. One half cooking grate can be used individually or in combination with a plancha. Easy to use and suitable for dishwashers.

Dimensions:  57 cm, grid with 6 mm bars, Weight: 3.00 kg, Material: chromed steel



custom-fit protective cover, easy to fit, water-repellent and durable material

BOWL cover - Simply put the protective cover on BOWL and fasten: with a practical drawstring with stopper at the bottom of the cover, keeping it secure in all weathers. The material is water-repellent and protects against dirt and moisture. Dimensions: 57 cm x 5 cm, Weight: 0.5 kg, Material: durable polyester-nylon fabric mixture





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