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Our light compact 5lt will make sure you have hot water wherever you are. This unit is great for camping trailers and outdoor showers. By simply connecting to a gravity fed water supply or pressure pump you can end your day with a hot shower. TYPE A-For outdoor use under a cover or indoor use with no flue


Can be installed indoors without a flue

84% energy efficiency

Ventilation is required

Oxygen depletion sensor (Flame failure safety device)

Starts up with very low water pressure (1 liter per minute)

Compatible with mixer taps

Anti-freeze function

Requires no electricity - flame ignition and geyser function are battery operated.

Technical Specifications:

Max gas pressure: 2.8kPa, Max gas consumption: 0.8 kg / hour, Rated Input: 10 Kw

Water pressure: 15-500 kPa, Max water output (min/ max) 1lt - 5lt / min

Unit weight: 4.7 Kg, Packaged weight: 5.2 Kg, Unit size: 410 x 290 x 165 mm

Packaged size: 570 x 345 x 205mm, Gas Type-LPG

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