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If you want to have fun in the water in a sporty and healthy way, the Bestway Hydro-Force Ventura kayak is the best choice. It is a single-seater 2.80 meters long kayak with a width of 86 centimetres and a payload of 130 kg, suitable for excursions in the open sea and solo fishing outings on the lake. The bottom is made of PVC and features a very comfortable adjustable seat with a storage compartment on the back. Inflating the kayak is fast and takes only a few minutes thanks to the screw valves in the hull. The shell is covered in very robust nylon that resists UV radiation, salt, and oily substances well.

Features and Specifications

- The structure has three air chambers with an I-Beam system, a bottom chamber, and two side chambers which together guarantee the kayak's excellent stability in the water, even in slightly rough conditions.

- Onboard there is an adjustable seat, while on the outside you can find two comfortable supports that allow you to store the paddle safely on the side.

- At the bow there is a comfortable bag that can be removed, if necessary, useful for storing, for example, fishing equipment or backpack, and, if you plan to use the kayak for swimming, the ropes that are located at the bow and stern are ideal climb aboard again.

- As mentioned, the Ventura kayak is a single-seater boat with excellent stability and this is also due to the double fins under the hull that offer greater manoeuvrability during paddling it is ideal for those who want to go beyond the borders and explore the sea.

- Like all models in the Bestway Hydro-Force line, the Ventura 65118 kayak is sold complete with a double-blade aluminum oar, pump for manual inflation, and self-adhesive patch for high-strength repairs.

- Produce shop only selects the best products for each category based on qualitative and aesthetic characteristics with the aim of only distributing items that fully satisfy the needs of its customers.

 - Inflated dimensions: 280 x 86 cm (width, depth)

- Uninflated size: 285 x 113 cm

- Maximum number of people: 1 adult

- Maximum load capacity: 130 kg

- Durable 0.60 / 0.35mm vinyl construction

- Floor with stable I-beam made of PVC

- Shell covered in high-quality premium nylon resistant to UV rays, saltwater and oil

- 3 air chambers (two removable side air chambers)

- 2 removable fins

- Removable bow pocket for storage

- An adjustable seat with a storage compartment

- Safety valves for rapid inflation

- Integrated drain valve


1 x 218cm double blade aluminum oar

Air Hammer Hand Pump (62086)

Bag for storage

Self-adhesive repair patch

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