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The Snomaster SMDZ LS60 Portable Fridge Freezer was built tough to withstand the roughest of conditions. This efficient and reliable fridge/freezer will keep your food and drinks as cold as possible, so you can enjoy them for longer. Take it anywhere your adventures might lead you.

Made For Every Day:

The 60L SMDZ-LS60D is an excellent travel companion and the ideal portable fridge /freezer for days at the beach, braai or on a game drive. It’s lightweight, compact and energy-efficient, so it’ll easily fit into the boot or on the back seat of most vehicles.

Made Tough for Africa:

Because everyday use needs everyday durability, SnoMaster’ Leisure Series of products is made from injection-moulded high-density polyethylene which helps to reduce weight while increasing strength and durability.

Powerful Cooling Anywhere:

Powered by SnoMaster’ high-performance cooling system, the SMDZ-LS60D fridge freezer offers 12-Volt DC power and is able to efficiently cool to -18 degrees Celsius in extreme temperatures and tough conditions


2-Speed-Max & Eco Settings, 55w Secob Compressor, Blue Internal Fridge Light

Cyclopentane Insulation, Digital Temperature Control, Durable & Improved Handles

Internal Power Supply for AC & DC.


Dimensions (mm) Unit:(H) 534 x (W) 664 x (D) 414, Packaged: (H) 470 x (W) 430 x (D) 700

Storage Volume: 60L, Temp Range: -18C to 10C, Net Weight: 19.8Kg

Climate Class: T, ST, SN, N, Protection Class: I, Voltage AC: 100-240V 50/60Hz

Voltage DC: 12V/24V, Rated Current AC/DC: 1.0A, Refrigerant: R134a/45g

Foaming Agent: Cyclopentane.

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